1991 Carlos receives his first Drum kit as a present by a musician/painter friend (Ronaldo Farolfi); it's a white ACTION DRUM 5 pieces Jazz edition set composed by salvage stands and cheap cymbals. Due to his tender age period, Carlos has no possibilities for attending drum lessons at musical institutes, because these schools are located too far from home and the drums lesson times are not easy to attend by Carlos ‘cause the school time and the job times of his parents; so, he starts his self-taught musical journey reading books and following musician’s skills every time he finds the opportunity.

1992 Brusasco (Turin), he starts the INDWELLERS, a band conceived by the help of his friend MARCO CARNISIO; thanks to this Carlos begins playing the drums sharing a five members band. “Rock n’ Roll” by Led Zeppelin is the first song they play together; finally the band shows a set list composed by Italian top rock songs and International hits.

1993 Carlos is well motivated for buying is first pre-professional Drum Set: a Pearl Export White Colour, Bass Drum 22”x16” - Toms 12”,13”- Floor Tom16” – Steel Snare 14”x6/5” completed by SPIZZ and Paiste 402 cymbals. In the future there will be added a Pearl Drum Rack, Toms 8”, 10”, 14” and a full Paiste 2002 cymbals set.

Carlos tries to turn Indwellers band style into Heavy Metal music; several line up changes and the split of the band is done! Sound in House” Demo Tape is the only memory of this period featuring all the band's songs.

1994 Casale Monferrato (AL), High school time, Carlos becomes friend of Paolo Perani; They managed a Xmass concert for their school in the way to play a different music for Xmass school event. Carlos joins Paolo’s band for the event exclusively. After the 23/12/1994 concert, Paolo Perani and his band ask Carlos to join the band thanx to his attitude. SLIDE FASTENER (Candia Lomellina – Pavia) is well built; Iron Maiden, Metallica and AC/DC cover band as the first target; so, Carlos starts playing in Pavia area clubs and thanks to his quick ability in learning songs, he begins to be well known in the north of Italy.

1995 On June 22nd “Just a Cover Band” is out: the first Demo Tape recorded at “Tempio Sound” in Brandizzo (TO), Slide Fastener monicker spreads its name and Carlos is requested by the first side-project bands in Piedmont and Lombardy.

1996 A lot of  collaborations during this year, Carlos and Gigi Androne (Slide Fastener’s Bassist) have several bands to perform with. On October, Carlos splits with Slide Fastener for dedicating his own to new music and artists.

There is no time to relax and POWER, the band of Roby Roccatello and Max Civitate, calls Carlos to replace their drummer and going on. So, Carlos is engaged to play with musicians that are part of italian underground music with a lot of experiences on syage. He follows them on tour and he records the drum parts for their album in Turin at SEPOLCRETA studio by Marco Strega.

1997 Carlos understands that his person is well known in the Piedmont, Lombardy and Ligury area and starts giving drum lessons.

In Asti (Piedmont) with Luca Bincoletto and Beppe Gallina they start a band that will be named MADWORK in the next 2000.

1998 Carlos produces DEMONARCHIA, a band of Death Metal music composed by neo-musicians; It’s a great trial for Carlos for bringing those guys on stage like a pro-band. The first concert is scheduled for 07/05/1998 in Trofarello (TO) at “ Il Peocio” ( and the performance is the best they can, the audience is extremely satisfied.

On October 10th, Carlos is requested for joining SKYLARK band ( during a show at “Pub 4 Assi” in None (TO- Piedmont) by Eddy Antonini from Milan; so he starts studying for the first time the double foot pedal technique using a Power Shifter Pearl Pedal.

1999 The Milan band finalizes the “Divine Gates” album with the old drummer and Carlos becomes the official drummer on May for the promotional tour: “Divine Gates – Part1: Gate of Hell”.

On July THUBAN asks him to play some gigs for the “Zetgeist” album's tour and he's engaged to record at Dracma Recording studio ( “Three Roses in Black” mini CD.

Carlos gets the VIC FIRTH endorsement thanks to Dario of “Magazzino Musicale Merula” (  and Mr. Gianluca Aramini (

2000 January: Carlos is called by LUCA SIGNORELLI for joining the historical BRAINDAMAGE band (; the band needs to promote the “Collapse” album and has a lot of concerts to perform.

On June, Carlos moves to Zenith Recording studios in Lucca (Tuscany) for recording the next Skylark's album. On July he follows them to Spain for a gig at “Rock Machina Festival” in Moncofa (Valencia) in front of thousands people (Running Wild headlines the festival) where he receives many credits.

On  November 20th is out the second part of the DIVINE GATES: Gate of Heaven. Carlos appears in the band shots, in the official line up and during all the album promotion.

2001 On June, Michele Sbaragli's AFFLICTION band ( - Perugia , Umbria) contacts him for recording the drum parts of their Mini Cd.

On July TEHOM band from ASTI is out with a first album called “Dark D(h)ope”, Carlos appears as a Guest on the tracks “The Mask” and “Three Roses In Black”, Thuban’s songs.

On October Carlos records four tracks for Affliction band at Sound Park Studio ( in Ponte S.Giovanni (Perugia-Umbria) and just after his back home, the Beppe Rosso’s WINGS OF FIRE band is the next collaboration to work on; Carlos suggests them to turn into a  EUROPE Tribute Band because they got a lot of Europe songs in their track list.

On  November 12th “Princess’ Day” album is out (the first SKYLARK album recorded with Carlos), the results of the album are great, like the previous album, this one jumps the first chart position in Japan in the imported album charts.

2002 On January Affliction MCD called “AFFLICTION” is out, Metal Magazines and Web ‘Zines review it very well.

On March 15th, 16th and 23th, Carlos with Skylark perform at the “Italian Attack Festival”, three nights in north of Italy co-headliner with Labirynth and White Skull; the satellite tv channel Rock TV ( films three songs during the Milan's show on day 16th.

On April 10th, Carlos is on air at Data Base (Rock TV Show) with some members of Skylark.

In the first part of June, he records the drum parts for MADWORK band's Mini CD (Asti-Piedmont,

On June 22th, in Hamburg (Germany), Carlos performs with Skylark at “Headbanger’s Open Air” ( and the 26th he enters the Realsound Recording studio in Milan for recording session for the next Skylark's albums.

On September 21st, Carlos and Wings of Fire play in Parma at “Corte Del Sol” club during the V° Europe Convention powered by ESC: Europe Official Italian Fan Club ( There are the Europe’s bassist and the drummer Ian Haugland because he has to play with Talisman (Jeff Scott Soto, Marcel Jacob, Fredrik Akesson) for promoting “Cats and Dogs” album. Wings of Fire perform a Europe song with John Leven; Carlos receives many credits by Ian Haugland and Jeff Scott Soto.

On October 28th, He records at A&A Studio in Turin (, the drum parts for the song “Dogged” included in the instrumental project ATTITUDE powered by the shred guitarist Salvatore Vecchio.

On December 2nd, the Madwork “Through The Farthest Times...” is out; the album is well reviewed by the magazines and internet press thanks to the final mastering choice made in Milan at the Nautilus Studio (

On December 5th, Attitude “Overflowing” album is out and Carlos appears as a special guest with the well known percussionist Luis Casih and the guitarist Richard Hallebeek.

2003 On April 28th, He flies with Skylark to Osaka and Tokyo for performing two gigs powered by the Nipponic Label Hot Rockin (

On the end of May, Carlos and Madwork play the scheduled dates for the “Through The Farthest Times...” tour.

2004 On May 26th “Wings” is out, the Skylark's album mastered in New York by George Marino at Sterling Sound ( and at the end of June, Carlos flies again with the band to Japan for the Wings tour powered by the nipponic label Soundholic ( for supporting the new album. On July, Carlos records three songs for Skylark at Realsound studio included in their first “Best of”. On September he records the drum parts for the next Skylark's albums.

On December 22nd is on sale “In the Heart Of Princess – A Neverending Story”, the double album to celebrate 10 years of Skylark; all the songs are remastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound.

2005 On June Carlos stops his collaboration with Skylark.

On July he creates a 40 minutes show using just his own instrument without adding music loop, with no microphones and he performs in the main cities of the Turin Area reaching a great success and new engagements for repeating the experience of one drum man.

On September 21st “Fairytales” is out, the last Skylark's album with Carlos; here, he appears as a guest on the tracks “Red Little Riding Hood” and Love”.

On October Carlos is requested by AMETHISTA ( for performing the “Black Celtic Summit” sixth edition (Important Extreme Metal Event with Negura Bunget, Mortuary Drape and Opera IX) and the “Brutality Fair” on the same stage of Dismember.

2006 On February “Realitale” is out, the first Amethista's album recorded with the old drummer Luca T-1000 (Highlord – at Music Lab ( studio in Turin ( on September 2005; Carlos appears in line up and in the CD booklet because he's gonna be the Amethista's official drummer for the whole “Realitale” promotion and he's gonna record the next full-length album.

On April 29th, he enters the Music Lab studio in Turin for recording a Drum Solo to use as a self introduction; the relation with the music is inside this solo for understanding that Carlos doesn't own to one music way but he is part of the music: Technique, Dimension and Situation.

On May the killer guitarist H-GEORGE ( from Monferrato Area engages him for composing the drums parts for his first self composed 4 tracks album.

On September the 1st, the interior design album CARLOSMAN is officially released by a 25 minutes drum solo show performed by Carlos in Murisengo; the web site WWW.CARLOSMAN.COM is born to explain better who is CARLOS and what CARLOSMAN is.

On September the 7th he receives a good deal thanx to the composer MARIO GUIDA ( from Crescentino (VC) for creating rock/blues songs in Italian language and style; Carlos is engaged to perform the drums and being Mario's art director for recording his first CD and preparing concerts.

On October the 27th he enters Musiclab recording studio for recording NEUROTIC, H-George's mini CD; thanx to his great recording studio experience, Carlos has been engaged to produce the whole H-George work (recording, editing and mixing).

On December the 4th he starts to produce MARIO GUIDA's first CD using Stefano Moda's ORION recording studio ( in Cavagnolo (TO)

On December the 22nd the Casale Monferrato church corporation ask him a help to perform  a benefit show for Christmas Event.

2007 January the 12th, Mario GuidaDEMO 2007” is out completely recorded by Stefano Moda and mixed by Carlos; on the same day, Mario guida introduces his first record in Chivasso (TO – Italy) performing an amazing professional show well reviewed by newspapers of the zone.
January the 13th he enters Musiclab recording studio in Turin to start AmethistA’ second full length album recording sessions: GRIMORION. Carlos will take care of drums, bass and guitars recording/editing sessions; SIMONE LAMPEDONE (Realitale’s producer) will record keys and voices and he will make the main mix and the final mastering session. This album will keep Carlos engagedtill the end of 2007.

On February the hard rock cover band RIDIN' ROCK (, owned by guitarist FABIO NOVARESE (Eden Beast), bassist VITTORIO DAL SANTO (Eden Beast) and the singer ROBET HORSE (well known singer from Casale city area – Monferrato), reaches a deal with Carlos to perform concerts during the whole 2007.

On April Salvatore Vecchio’s IVORYPROMO 2007” ( CD is out and good review results from music webzines and newspapers arrive. Carlos wrote the drums parts for this album.

May the 1st Carlos stops his activity with Mario Guida and after a two hours directed concert from the first note to the last one, Carlos gives to Mario the right way for going on with his music.

On June according to H-George he produces a documentary video about H-George’s music (Alcoholic Thrash Metal) for adding it to the album release: “NEUROTIC”
On June the 18th he reaches TEMPLE OF NOISE recording studio ( to Rome for a final mixing about two bonus tracks of AmethistA; he wanted a different sound for these songs and so he decided to use Christian Ice experience to produce these songs. The titles of this pair of songs will be revealed when GRIMORION album will be release and they will be more catchy than the other stuff.

On August H-George documentary video starts and Carlos takes care about the whole art direction.

On September Carlos and Stefano Tappari record FLEGIAS’s voice (Necrodeath) at CAPT.WOOFER STUDIOS ( in Saluggia (VC) to produce a radio version of the future rappresentative song of AmethistA: AUGUSTA TAURINORUM.
On September the 28th Carlos needs to have relax and so he flies to Florida (U.S.A.) to reach his Carlosman; on September the 30th he was being in a bar close to the south area of Orlando to have some beers, hearing good live music but….he starts a music jam session with the band there and then he explodes in a drum solo for twenty minutes. A nice success well confirmed by the audience there they put Carlos as the guest of the night there giving him many credits.

On October the 10th, thanx to, Carlos meets the rock guitarist/composer FERRO ( in Miami; they had some jams at CASA PANZA performing other musicians. This confirms how MUSIC is always on the same way of CARLOS. 
On October the band MIJO’s ashes from Turin decide to have a come back calling Carlos to start a new project of HARD CORE music named NECK THROUGH (

On November thanx to Luigi Secchi and ROCK LAB ( services in Turin, he produces the H-George’s video editing.

On December the 22nd he produces a MUSIC WORK END PARTY at ROCK ‘N ROLL music club in Turin performing AmethistA and H-George concert hoping to see a good future about these bands for the next 2008.
On December the 28th it’s time to produce a new band and so he enters the Musiclab recording studio in Settimo Torinese close to “La Suoneria” for realizing the first Demo CD of the new party punk band FORTUNE FOR TUNE from Monferrato Area.

2008 On January the 1st, he confirms his positions about the following bands:

H-GEORGE – Drummer, art director and co-executive producer till 2010

AMETHISTA – Drummer and art director for the whole 2008 and 2009

NECK THROUGH – Drummertill the end of May 2008

RIDIN' ROCK – Drummer for the whole 2008

The whole 2008 is spent on tour with his bands starting from Januray the 4th till December 19th.

On February the 2nd deals with GUS GABARRO (ex-White Skull) to build a new band sounding CLASSIC POWER METAL and recording a demo CD to send the labels only; the band is called OVERMASTER (

On February 19th becomes a member of TRE-T ( organisation for powering MONFERRATO AREA and showing his love for this amazing country.

On March 26th the first edition of ALMANACCO DELLE BAND ASTIGIANE powered by Asti county to promote the artists in Asti county is pubblished and Carlos is included with a large detailed page on him.

On April 7th, Carlos enters GREEN RIVER recording studio in Cavaria (VA) for recording the OVERMASTER's demo drum parts: 4 songs

On August 1st, starts the H-GEORGE's full length album recording sessions at Musiclab Recording Studio in Settimo Torinese: "SLAVE OF SOCIETY" is starting.

On December 19th, everything done during the recording sessions of the H-George's album is ready for being mixed and mastered by ANNIHILATOR's mastermind: Mister JEFF WATERS at watersound studio inc. in Ottawa, Ontario - Canada

2009 On January the 3rd the director DAVIDE CELORIA ask him to be part of the next CELORIA's FILM movie he's gonna work on in summer 2009 featuring vampires and deaths; Carlos could play the role of a vampire hunter.

On January receives his files totally mixed and well mastered: this is a great deal! collaborating with an excellent V.I.P. like Jeff Waters taught him a lot.

On April 4th helps the well known guttural death metal band EDEN BEAST ( performing one gig in Brescia.

On April 30th Carlos joins a new band from Como/Varese: 1987 Whitesnake Tribute Band; as the name displays, the band is a tribute to David Coverdale's band, more informations browsing

On May Carlos starts to follow a correct diet and doing gym for better playing his next role: vampire hunter, scheduled for July.

On July He's ready to catch the vampire and the whole staff is proud of this new engagement giving Carlos nice credits, posting awesome congratulations for the dedication he showed in and the professional attitude played anytime; some pix are available in Carlos' Flickr page and the movie release is scheduled for the next year.

On August he set better his You Tube channel arranging videos and uploading a new way for sharing music worldwide: PLAY WITH ME videos available on

On September 10th enters FEAR Recording Studio in Alfonsine (RA) for recording the drum parts of the very first OVERMASTER's album featuring Gus Gabarrė (voice), Pino Sicari (Guitars), Dimitri Oldani (Bass) and Alexandros (Keys). True rock power metal co-produced by CRUZ DEL SUR label from Rome; the release date is scheduled for March 2010.

On October 4th is out the brand new H-Single "KILL YOUR SON" taken from the record that Carlos produced one year ago about, for introducing the new era of the H-GEORGE band.

On November “SLAVE OF SOCIETYis out and strikes again receiving excellent reviews by the mags and web press.

On December 3rd, Carlos got an e-mail by the master mind of the legendary thrash metal band from Canada ANNIHILATOR (

2010 January 7th, Carlos flies to Ottawa for meeting and dealing with Jeff Waters for becoming the ANNIHILATOR 2010 Touring Drummer.

March 30th, the very first ANNIHILATOR picture appears worldwide and Carlos is officially the Touring member for promoting the 13th studio album of the band during the 2010.

On April MADNESS OF WAR by OverMaster band is out featuring ALEXANDROS (Highlord, AmethistA, Opera IX, Sound Storm) at the keys, DIMITRI OLDANI (Edge of Forever) at the bass.

June 19th HELL FEST in Clisson (France) is the first show that Carlos performs with ANNIHILATOR

On July with ANNIHILATOR plays the following summer festivals: Rockweekend (Sweden) 8th - Sonisphere Festival (Spain) 10th - Masters of Rock (Cz. Rep.) 17th and Kavarna Rock (Bulgaria) 25th

On September 29th with ANNIHILATOR starts a 5 rehearsal days in Frankfurt for performing the TOTAL ANNIHILATION EUROPEAN TOUR 2010; this is a headline tour that starts from October 5th till November 25th around Europe.

2011 On February, due to several credits received by the album “Slave Of Society”, the band H-GEORGE deals with buil2kill records for releasing “SLAVE OF SOCIETY Super H-Edition” (Slave of Society + Nerurotic) on May

March 22nd, the movie produced by DAVIDE CELORIA is released and the title is VAMP

" It’s impossible keeping a full press kit but  you can find tons of informations about CARLOS thanks to internet service”